100% USA-owned LA Semiconductor and America’s School Join Forces to Deliver the Model to Win the Chip War and any other Wars

100% USA-owned LA Semiconductor and America’s School Join Forces to Deliver the Model to Win the Chip War and any other Wars
Their goal is to bring back chip manufacturing to America and re-engineer the United States education system to once again be training the smartest, hardest-working and most patriotic workers on the planet.

AUSTIN, TX - The Chip War is real. The United States is losing ground to China. Semiconductors are the new "oil" - whoever creates the best, will lead the world militarily, economically and geopolitically. The U.S. needs the smartest people working in American companies to win this war.

Mike Ward, America’s Semiconductor CEO, who leads the only 100% U.S.A owned and operated pure-play semiconductor foundry in the world, states, “We cannot afford to lose this war. We need to expend every resource possible to ensure that we maintain an on-shore supply chain independent of outside influence and control. This independence is critical to our Departments of Defense, Energy, Homeland Security, and many other related organizations that need the absolute best suppliers and developers available. We also need to ensure that our education system steps up to deliver the best and brightest workers on the planet - workers that want America to lead the technology evolution, as we have for decades. The U.S. semiconductor industry has assumed that our education system will continue to deliver those workers and thinkers - unfortunately what we’re seeing now, is not only a predicted shortage of technical employees, but an employee pool and graduates that are losing ground in STEM and required skill sets required to widen the gap of our leadership position in America. We can maintain our advantage if our education leaders change quickly.”

Three things need to happen:

1 - Secure the American Supply Chain for Chips

America’s Chips is a partnership that shows how this model can work. LA Semiconductor, a 100% USA-owned and operated semiconductor manufacturer, has brought its supply chain partners together to provide a best-in-class chip supply infrastructure that will always be aligned to serve the best interests of the U.S. and America. 

American companies are staffed by great American workers, and America’s Chips has put a focus on building a complete on-shore, dedicated supply chain, orchestrated by American companies, American leaders, and American employees. It is making a significant shift to build an ecosystem where typically there may be a single source for crucial supply of critical components, to a system that enables multiple source providers of on-shore design, manufacturing, and delivery, without leaving North American soil.

Unfortunately, there are a few bad actors in the semiconductor industry that are more concerned about lining their pockets than helping America. When America’s Chips encounters situations where these players (sometimes large public companies) are acting to the detriment of the U.S., there will be announcements detailing how their actions may be hurting America.

2 - We need to Re-engineer the Workforce Development to Deliver National Security and Global Leadership.

America’s School is funded by the federal government as it is delivering the learning and skills that need to happen across the country that will ensure national security and the ability to win the future wars. It complements, not replaces, local control as an important add-on that brings scalable, replicable and reliable academic, social and student wellness learning experiences to every elementary school aged child in the U.S. regardless of where they live.

It is powered by Heroic Game Day, which has been in the making for the past decade, using technology (game-based learning, data driven intelligence and blockchain) to connect, engage and deliver world leading academic, social and health results that will retain America’s leadership position in the world. This is a scalable education system that can educate one child with the same effectiveness as it can do with a million. If a student spends 30 minutes per day in the game, they will not only become proficient at the Top 20 critical life skills, but they will become proficient at their math and reading state tests.

LA Semiconductor is the subject matter expert that oversees the game-based curriculum development that motivates and inspires kids as young as 1st grade to build a virtual computer chip. This is a world first, and will set these students on a path of engagement and success.

3 - Make the Public Aware and Supportive of the Resources and Will Required to Win

There will be a massive PR campaign launched in each of these areas. The message will be that this is the U.S. modern day “Moonshot” moment and everyone needs to throw their hat in the ring to help win this war.

Trade publications

General interest publications

Industry partners

School marketing

Press Events

Federal and state government contacts

Social media

High profile people

Grandparents and parents

Lawmakers and bureaucrats will also benefit from this grassroots campaign as it will provide the public support to increase budgets where necessary to expedite the initiative, i.e., the Department of Commerce needs to double their $200 Million budget in order to do the work to get the $52 Billion Chips Act funding out quickly and to the right businesses.

“We need to pivot quickly and stop what we’ve been doing for the past few decades—stop outsourcing this critical industry overseas in the interests of the profits and private stakeholders,” Dr Tom Reed, President of America’s School, states. “We need to get back to what put us on top in the first place - training the best and brightest workers starting in primary school, who will work for American companies building 100% American-made chips and reestablish the U.S. as the global tech leader.”

About America’s Chips: 

America’s Chips is a partnership exemplifying a model of success in the semiconductor industry. The only 100% USA-owned and operated semiconductor company in the world, LA Semiconductor has brought its supply chain partners together to provide a best in class chip supply that will always be aligned to the best interests of America. Not only are these American companies staffed by great American workers, but the whole supply chain will always be there as a single source or multiple source provider. This semiconductor initiative is also integrated with the education of its current and future workforce. They are the subject matter experts that ensure we’re teaching the upcoming workers the right stuff. This is how business and real education combine to deliver what the families, communities, country, and business community need to lead the world.

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