Revives Peloton Bikes by Distributing Inactive Bikes to New Subscribers

Trademyspin boosts Peloton's high margin subscription revenue by redistributing the over 1 million unused bikes, offering fast delivery, quality assurance and a seamless transaction process.

Addressing the challenge of millions of Peloton bikes no longer in use, Trademyspin has positioned itself as a key player in the secondary market for these fitness bikes. With a clear focus on sustainability and customer satisfaction, the company is helping to reconnect over one million idle Peloton bikes with eager new users, simultaneously aiding Peloton's effort to increase its highly profitable subscription revenue.

The pandemic saw a spike in Peloton sales, with the brand becoming a household name for many fitness enthusiasts. Yet, as time passed, a significant portion of these bikes fell out of regular use. Amidst Peloton's financial hurdles, illustrated by its declining stock price,, founded by Ari Kimmelfeld and Joey Benjamini, injects new life into these dormant bikes, thereby supporting Peloton's high-margin subscription-based business model.

Trademyspin sets itself apart by specializing in the logistics of servicing and delivering pre-owned Peloton bikes. This approach addresses the issue of inventory surplus on the secondary market and significantly contributes to enhancing Peloton's subscription services. Currently, Peloton enjoys a strong base of around 3 million paying subscribers, with the company benefiting from an increase of over $500 in annual subscription revenue for each bike that Trademyspin helps to reactivate.

"I’ve had the privilege of meeting many of our customers face-to-face and they have all echoed the same sentiment - provided a smooth and reliable service that had them fully equipped and ready to ride the very next day" Ari Kimmelfeld remarked, highlighting the company’s dedication to providing quality bikes and reliable service. Trademyspin ensures customer satisfaction through various value-added services, including prompt bike delivery and setup, a quality guarantee, an exclusive 18-month warranty for used Pelotons, and streamlined payment methods for buyers and sellers.

The creation of Trademyspin was spurred by the founders' own experiences in the market for used Peloton bikes in New York. They faced numerous challenges, from the difficulty of transporting a heavy bike without a vehicle to the uncertainties of dealing with anonymous sellers and scammers on Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist. These challenges laid the foundation for a service that simplifies the buying and selling process, removing customer hassle, risks, and including the bike inspection, delivery, warranty, and accessories all by the click of one button - “buy now”.

Expanding from its local roots, Trademyspin has grown its operations to cover the entire United States, leveraging a comprehensive logistics network to assist a large number of Peloton bikes in finding new homes.

In today’s market, where the emphasis on sustainable consumption practices is increasing, is responding to the call by ensuring that Peloton bikes are used to their full potential. The company’s platform is a reliable resource for those wishing to part with their unused bikes and new users looking to join the Peloton community at a lower entry cost.

Looking ahead, Trademyspin aims to continue transforming how people think about and engage with home fitness equipment, promoting better access, sustainability, and economic efficiency.

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About Company:, based in New York, specializes in the resale of pre-owned Peloton bikes. By providing a comprehensive service package, including delivery, quality guarantees, and exclusive warranties, the company facilitates a smooth transition for both buyers and sellers in the secondary market.

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