Chaos Expert to Address Virginia Military Institute on Behavioral Adaptability in Leadership

Scottsdale, Arizona – Kevin Black, veteran US Army officer and accomplished entrepreneur with a national reputation for exceptional learning and development services in leadership and strategy, has been selected as a speaker at the Virginia Military Institute’s Center for Leadership and Ethics conference titled “Leading in Crises: Culture, Conflict, Collaboration.”

Drawing upon his extensive experience in both the military and the business world, Mr. Black brings a unique perspective to the forefront. With a diverse clientele ranging from dynamic start-ups to industry giants like LifeLock, Medtronic, and McKesson, he has played a pivotal role in helping generate over $600 million in value across various industries.

The focus of Mr. Black’s presentation, titled “Behavioral Adaptability,” drawn from his upcoming and highly anticipated book, “Strength in Chaos: A Leader’s Guide to Mastering the Uncontrollable,” will unravel the critical importance of behavioral adaptability, an often overlooked yet pivotal facet in crisis management. By dissecting the nuanced responses of individuals facing moments of perceived loss of control, Mr. Black provides invaluable insights into why some individuals excel while others exacerbate challenging situations.

This engaging session will delve into the dichotomy of two distinct mindsets – the “mission” and “people” oriented approaches – highlighting four indispensable traits that differentiate resilient leaders. Attendees will also receive practical tools for identifying and harnessing these traits in themselves and their teams.

The presentation’s core objective is to illuminate how behaviors fundamentally shape team dynamics, communication, and responses in high-stress situations. By comprehending these behavioral nuances, leaders can effectively guide their teams with unwavering confidence through any crisis scenario that may arise.

Key Takeaways:

The Power of Behavioral Adaptability: Gain a thoughtful understanding of how behavioral adaptability serves as a linchpin in crisis management.

Mindset Differentiation: Explore the “mission” and “people” oriented mindsets, discovering the unique strengths each contributes to crisis scenarios.

Four Critical Traits of Resilient Leaders: Learn to identify and cultivate these pivotal traits, essential for leaders facing moments of crisis.

Impacts on Team Dynamics: Understand how behavioral adaptability significantly impacts team interactions, fostering a more cohesive and resilient working environment.

Equipped for Crisis Leadership: Acquire actionable strategies to lead teams with confidence through any crisis, fortified by a deeper understanding of behavioral adaptability.

Mr. Black stands ready to share his unique expertise, garnered from years of hands-on experience and success in the military and private sectors. Attendees can anticipate an enlightening and transformative experience that will equip them to navigate crises with precision and purpose.

For more information about Kevin Black, his upcoming book, “Strength in Chaos: A Leader’s Guide to Mastering the Uncontrollable,” please visit

For more information or to register for the conference, please visit Home – 14th Annual VMI Leadership & Ethics Conference ( or contact Lt. Col. Kim Connolly, Assistant Director for Programs and Conferences, 540-464-7740.

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