Modak Launches Web3 Video Chat with Speak-to-Earn (S2E) Mechanism on the Testnet

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Modak, SocialFi Project, rolled out a video chat dApp platform on the testnet in December 2023

Modak, a Web3 video chat dApp platform builder, launched its service on testnet with core features such as Speak-to-Earn (S2E). Through this unique incentive system designed to foster genuine user connections, users can earn Modak's native token, “$WOOD,” by actively participating, engaging, and contributing to the platform.

Modak's approach emphasizes the quality and value of user interactions. This distinction aligns with the platform's core objective of fostering meaningful connections and facilitating authentic conversations. Users can utilize $WOOD to reward other speakers, express appreciation, or promote events, further enhancing the platform's engagement and community-building potential.

Modak’s Speak-to-Earn Mechanism

The Speak-to-Earn goes beyond simply rewarding users for the amount of time they spend talking. Instead, it focuses on encouraging proactive participation and engagement, rewarding users for their contributions to the platform, such as:

●    Sharing valuable insights and perspectives

●    Actively participating in discussions

●    Providing constructive feedback

●    Hosting engaging events and meetups

$WOOD: The Base token for Modak's Ecosystem

$WOOD, the platform's native token, serves as the currency of Modak's ecosystem. Modak envisions a diverse range of use cases for $WOOD, including:

●    Rewarding other speakers for their contributions

●    Showing appreciation for valuable insights

●    Promoting events and initiatives

●    Facilitating marketplaces for unique items

●    Participating in governance-related decision-making

With its emphasis on quality interactions and genuine connections, Modak's S2E platform is poised to revolutionize Web3 communication, transforming online interactions into valuable experiences.

Modak: A User-Friendly Web3 Experience

As a video chat tool on Web3 intending to disrupt the market, Modak offers a user-friendly experience that caters to a wide audience. Along with the conventional blockchain wallet logins, users can seamlessly sign in with their phone number, email address, or common social platforms like Google, Apple, X (formerly Twitter), etc.

The Modak Team

The Modak team comprises experienced professionals with proven track records in building VoIP, webRTC platforms, mobile games, and blockchain technologies. Recognizing the untapped potential within the saturated communication platform market, the team is committed to establishing a constructive communication environment harnessing a robust token economy.

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