An Amazing Coming of Age Memoir That Pays Tribute To Family, Love, Adaptability, Strength, Hope, And Memories

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An Amazing Coming of Age Memoir That Pays Tribute To Family, Love, Adaptability, Strength, Hope, And Memories

Every family has a history, and this book will help you to celebrate and cherish yours!

Authored by Michael, the eighth of ten children, “An Unforgettable Pastime" is a deeply touching memoir that beckons readers to explore the enduring spirit of family bonds against the backdrop of 1961 North St. Louis. This narrative unfolds like a cherished family album, where each chapter is a carefully preserved snapshot of love, resilience, and the remarkable strength found within familial ties.

In the heart of bustling North St. Louis, where the integration of the Black community was reshaping neighborhoods and the echoes of historical change reverberated Michael takes readers on a journey through the intimate corridors of his family's Italian-American restaurant. With each turn of the page, "An Unforgettable Pastime" explores not only the challenges and triumphs faced by a family of thirteen but also the deeply rooted love that held them together.

Have you ever wondered why certain moments etch themselves into your soul, becoming an indelible part of who you are? Michael's narrative prompts readers to reflect on their own lives, inviting them to traverse the landscapes of their most cherished memories. In the midst of economic struggles, the changing face of their neighborhood, and the unyielding challenges of running a family restaurant, "An Unforgettable Pastime" emerges as a timeless reminder of the profound impact shared memories have on shaping our identities.

Unwavering Support: At its core, this memoir is a celebration of the unbreakable support family provides. Through trials and triumphs, the familial anchor remains steadfast, fostering the courage to navigate life's unpredictable waters.

Integration and Change: Against the historical backdrop of a shifting society, the narrative explores the resilience required to adapt to a changing neighborhood and the powerful bonds that held this family together amid uncertainty.

This memoir is more than a chronicle; it's an invitation to readers to delve into their own stories to rediscover the moments that shaped their journeys. Michael's storytelling transcends time and cultural boundaries, offering a universal narrative that resonates with readers from all walks of life.

To put it briefly, "An Unforgettable Pastime" is a touching ode to storytelling and its capacity to arouse a sense of humanity and familial connection that transcends the pages of a book. From the many good and funny moments to serious points of time, readers hail it as a testament to the power of family, love, and the resilience found in shared memories.

About the Author:

Born into a large Italian-American family, Michael spent much of his childhood working at his family's neighborhood restaurant to be close to his father. As a passionate horse racing handicapper and ardent St. Louis Cardinals supporter, he spent over 35 years working in the Stock Market industry. Secretly, he spent many years working on his ongoing futuristic novel before retiring from work and choosing to put his writing skills into his current Coming of Age Memoir: “An Unforgettable Pastime.”

Book Name: An Unforgettable Pastime
Author Name: Michael Anthony Vitale
ISBN Number: 1962658414
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