FOMC 2024: Rate Cuts’ Impact On Crypto, Insights By PrimeXBT

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As the financial world turned its attention to the United States Federal Reserve's upcoming rate decision on Wednesday, January 31, 2024, investors across asset classes are bracing for impact. Among the most closely watched assets are Cryptocurrencies, which have historically shown sensitivity to Fed policy shifts. 

But what are the potential ramifications of the Fed's decision on the Cryptocurrency market and other assets? And what does history tell us about the Fed’s policy and its impact on Bitcoin and altcoins?

Historical correlation: Low rates and Cryptocurrency growth

To understand the potential outcomes, it's instructive to revisit the recent past. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Federal Reserve slashed rates to near-zero levels, a monetary policy stance aimed at cushioning the economic fallout. This environment of cheap money fueled an investment spree across various asset classes, including Cryptocurrencies. 

Low-interest rates diminished the allure of traditional savings and bonds, pushing investors towards higher-yielding assets. The result was a significant inflow of capital into the Crypto market, catalyzing a period of robust growth and heightened valuation.

The Cryptocurrency market thrived in this low-rate environment, with Bitcoin and other digital assets reaching unprecedented heights. This correlation suggests that Federal Reserve policies exert a considerable influence over the Crypto markets, even though Cryptocurrencies are decentralized and operate outside of traditional financial systems.

The 2024 FOMC rate decision: Speculating on a rate cut

As we approach the FOMC's first meeting of 2024, the CME FedWatch Tool's probabilities indicate a high chance of maintaining the current rates, with a significant likelihood of a rate cut later in the year. Should these speculations come to fruition, we may witness a similar injection of optimism and capital into the crypto market as seen during the COVID period.

A rate cut typically leads to a weaker dollar, making dollar-priced assets more attractive to international investors. Cryptocurrencies could benefit from this dynamic as they're global assets not tied to any single nation's currency. 

Additionally, lower rates decrease the opportunity cost of holding non-yielding assets like Bitcoin, potentially making them more appealing compared to interest-bearing alternatives.

However, the impact on Cryptocurrencies may not be as straightforward as it was during the post-COVID zero-rate era. The intervening years have seen significant regulatory developments, an evolving investor base, and a more integrated relationship between Cryptocurrencies and traditional financial markets. These factors could modulate the extent to which Fed rate decisions affect the Crypto market.

PrimeXBT Crypto Futures and Global Markets: Navigating volatility

In anticipation of market volatility following the FOMC decision, savvy investors may look to platforms like PrimeXBT for strategic positioning. PrimeXBT offers Crypto Futures and Global Markets, including Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on Stock Indices, Currencies, and Commodities. These instruments provide investors with the tools to hedge against market swings or capitalize on them.

For instance, if the Fed's decision leads to a bullish run in the Crypto market, investors could take long positions on Crypto Futures to leverage potential price increases. Conversely, should the decision result in a bearish sentiment, short positions could be advantageous. CFDs on other asset classes also allow for a diversified approach, enabling traders to speculate on the price movements of a wide range of assets without owning the underlying securities.

PrimeXBT's offerings are particularly relevant in light of potential rate cuts. Such cuts could introduce new dynamics in Currency valuations, Commodity prices, and Stock Indices. By employing a mix of Crypto Futures and CFDs on Global Markets, investors can construct a multi-faceted strategy designed to either buffer the risks or exploit the opportunities that rate changes present.


The FOMC's rate decision on January 31, 2024, looms large over the financial markets. If historical patterns hold, a rate cut could usher in a period of growth for Cryptocurrencies akin to the boom witnessed during the zero-rate COVID era. While the direct impact of Fed policies on Cryptocurrencies is a subject of debate, the indirect effects through market sentiment and capital flows are significant.

Platforms like PrimeXBT stand ready to offer traders a suite of tools to navigate the ensuing volatility. Whether it's through Crypto Futures or CFDs on various Global Markets, these instruments are pivotal for those seeking to adapt quickly to changing monetary policies. Investors, equipped with these tools and a keen sense of market dynamics, may find themselves well-positioned to thrive in the post-FOMC decision landscape, regardless of the direction the Fed takes.

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