Better Living for People With Alzheimer's: One of a Kind Device and Opportunity to Make a Difference

CHESHIRE, Conn. - July 22, 2021 - (

Recombinant Technologies, an innovative, preclinical stage biotechnology company ( from Cheshire, CT, has kickstarted a crowdfunding effort through the crowdfunding enabler Start Engine ( There are an estimated 5,500,000 people in the U.S. who have Alzheimer's disease. In order to help these individuals with Alzheimer's, Recombinant Technologies (RT) has been exploring novel avenues for effectively and safely treating Alzheimer's and other beta-amyloidopathy diseases. RT has developed an innovative treatment, known as the AmyTrap, that addresses the cause of the disease rather than the symptoms. Current Alzheimer's therapeutics target the symptoms rather than the cause of the disease, so RT believes its flagship therapeutic, AmyTrap, will address this unmet medical need. This announcement follows successful proof-of-concept studies for Recombinant Technologies' innovative AmyTrap drug candidates. These candidates have been shown in preclinical experiments to trap and clear Alzheimer's disease-causing Aβ-amyloid plaques, thereby restoring memory by returning the natural balance of beta-amyloid in the body.

In addition, RT has designed and developed two types of devices coated with the patent-protected Amytrap (the devices appropriately named 'AmyTrappers'), which traps amyloid from circulation. Proof of concept for this device has already been demonstrated subject to completion of animal testing. The following video best illustrates the Amytrapper device These proposed innovative devices trap amyloid from circulation (just like dialysis to remove urea in patients with kidney failure), which may lead to a novel treatment strategy that improves the lives of patients with AD. As part of the fund-raising, RT has recruited SA Capital Partners LLC, New York and Chicago to expedite the efforts. SA Capital Partners is an innovative financial services firm that specializes in mergers & acquisitions advisory and capital raising for lower middle market businesses By working with SA Partners to attract investors to fund additional development studies, this one-of-a-kind, promising and proprietary AmyTrap breakthrough technology can be fast-tracked through the development pipeline, says Inventor, Founder and CEO of Recombinant Technologies, Dr. Pazhani Sundaram. Dr. Sundaram's prior research efforts have produced marketable health products. This innovative Bio-Technology company will change the entire landscape for the treatment of Alzheimer's, said CEO of SA Capital Partners, LLC, Maz Pawar.

"Through a rigorous, peer-reviewed evaluation process by the National Institute on Aging, National Institutes of Health, Recombinant Technologies was previously granted funding to demonstrate the efficacy of its AmyTrap drug candidates and devices in proof-of-concept model experiments,'' Dr. Sundaram stated. "I am excited that we are on target to accomplish a major goal in finding a therapeutic strategy. With the acceptance of amyloid beta clearance as a treatment strategy for Alzheimer's Disease in the form of recent FDA approval for Biogen's Aduhelm (Adecanumab), Amytrap and Amytrappers should receive increased traction from the scientific and investment community," he added.  Recombinant Technologies Inc has been granted a patent from USPTO and owns the intellectual property on these molecules and devices. 

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Original Source: Better Living for People With Alzheimer's: One of a Kind Device and Opportunity to Make a Difference
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