360Connect Sheds Light On Emerging Buying Trends In 2024

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Austin, TX based 360Connect LLC would like to comment on the emerging buying trends for 2024, as reported in their blog post titled ‘Top Buying Trends To Watch.’ The blog post can be found here: https://www.360connect.com/supplier-blog/top-buying-trends-to-watch/.

2024 has seen a number of new trends pop up among buyers, and being aware of these trends can help sellers make better business decisions. Suppliers that take the new trends among buyers into account are more likely to adjust their approach to business accordingly, for instance, and 360Connect aims to help Austin businesses understand exactly how the market is changing.

The team explains that changes in buying trends can be characterized by several factors, such as an increased reliance on AI in shopping, the necessity of a strong online presence for brands, a shift towards personalized customer experiences and the growing importance of value driven consumption (with a focus on sustainability and ethics). An intuitive knowledge of these factors and their sources can be invaluable to a business with an eye on the market’s future.

“In 2024, buyers are more open to AI,” says 360Connect in their blog post. “A recent survey found that 51% of consumers believe AI improves their shopping experience. While this number may not seem that high, 77% of shoppers admitted that they like it when brands offer personalized recommendations — which is commonly implemented using AI and other technology. In addition, Gen Z is now actively seeking out AI assistance when shopping! A staggering 59% of Gen Z consumers are eager for AI assistants to guide their purchasing decisions. Whether knowing or not, buyers like and are open to the benefits that AI provides for their shopping experience. They’re drawn to AI for its ability to simplify shopping, offer personalized recommendations and enhance their overall buying experience.”

AI was initially met with skepticism when it first appeared, but businesses are now at a crossroads where they can either choose to accept and embrace AI or fall behind. AI chatbots that can answer customer questions, AI used to tailor content marketing and encouraging the sales team to use AI for their day-to-day tasks are just a few of the ways in which suppliers can implement AI in a way that allows them to take advantage of shifting buyer trends. AI does more than just sell products, it also provides a smart, personalized shopping experience.

Having an online presence has been important since soon after the internet appeared, but it has now become absolutely necessary for anyone looking to do business. Buyers are heavily reliant on the internet to evaluate a brand’s credibility and personality, and they will often take a poor or non-existent online presence as evidence of a business’ untrustworthiness. Having an online presence is one of the most effective ways of showcasing what makes a business uniquely capable compared to its competitors.

Conversely, when customers see that a business has a widespread online presence, they tend to assume in turn that the business will provide a smooth and seamless shopping experience. Read more about this phenomenon here: https://www.360connect.com/supplier-blog/ai-lead-generation-the-future-of-b2b-sales/.

Lastly, personalization is key in 2024. Buyers are becoming increasingly aware of the fact that their shopping habits are being tracked, and they have come to expect a personalized online shopping experience by default. This means tailored ads and messaging are no longer merely preferred but considered a standard offering, and customers are more likely to choose businesses that go the extra mile to personalize their experience.

In their article, 360Connect discusses these and other changes in buyer habits in 2024 in great detail, providing actionable plans that sellers can follow to stay abreast of the latest trends. The blog post says, “2024 is an exciting year for B2B suppliers, filled with opportunities to innovate, connect, and grow. By anticipating buying trends and focusing on strategic implementation, you can set your business apart as a leader in its industry. Remember, the key to success lies in understanding your customers, leveraging technology, and staying adaptable in an ever-changing landscape.”

It adds, “As you navigate the B2B sales landscape, remember that 360Connect is here to support you. We connect suppliers like you with high-quality leads. Join 360Connect today and transform your sales strategy for the future. Let’s embark on this journey together, where your growth is our priority.”

Visit the following link for helpful tips and information that is made specifically to assist suppliers: https://www.360connect.com/supplier-signup/. Interested parties are similarly welcome to contact the team directly for further assistance.


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