Chrology Science of the Universe Laws Of Absolute Existence and the Presence of the Whole Universe By Ulrich Ndilira Rotam Second Edition Has Been Released from the USA.

"Laws Of Absolute Existence and the Presence of the Whole Universe," published by visionary thinker, genius, inventor, and creator Ulrich Ndilira Rotam, became a beacon of intellectual revolution in the limitless realm of exploration and investigation. This ground-breaking study is the outcome of an enormous and extraordinary effort that cuts across many disciplines to uncover the fundamental thread that binds together the great tapestry of science, literary studies, human experience, and the continually growing body of knowledge. The bold search for a single, all-encompassing law that regulates the complicated dance of existence in the universe was at the heart of Rotam's great quest. Rotam identified a missing link that required a paradigm shift, by keeping a close eye on the boundaries of prevalent ideas like the big bang, strings, cosmic inflation, and quantum physics. A new point of view and unifying force that could transform readers’ understanding of the cosmos and the human experience were required to solve the complicated puzzle of human existence.

Enter "Chrology," a revolutionary concept that dared to dissolve the boundaries between disciplines and reveal the universe's intricate web of connections. It is a symposium of ideas that pushes the boundaries of innovation in all areas of human knowledge while also challenging established beliefs. Readers are encouraged to explore beyond the boundaries of the globe through Chrology to comprehend the symmetrical dance of the universe's physics. This amazing voyage takes readers right to the heart of existence.

In essence, Ulrich Ndilira Rotam's "Chrology" encourages readers to put aside the division of knowledge into distinct categories and set out on a path toward unification. This masterpiece gives readers a fresh perspective on the universe and a tantalizing glimpse at the harmony that runs through all elements of the reality.

As Chrology’s pages turn, so do the pages of human progress, forging a new era of enlightenment in which the previously distinct domains of science, literature, and existence come together to create a symphony of understanding.

Readers were prompted to consider the question: "Can an element of a thing or an element of a group determine or know the whole of its group?" Man is an element of the universe, and the universe, in all its originality, has several known and unknown elements with completely different functions, known and unknown.

This book is the conclusion of 23 years of independent investigation into the most challenging issues in all of the scientific fields. The book will present some findings from the research designed to attract human interest in the deep representation of the universe and to open a vast roadmap and mentality for accessing the most intricate comprehension and profound notion of the universe regarding its originalities.

The book is available in English or French editions.


LES LOIS DE L’EXISTENCE ABSOLUE ET PRÉSENCE DE L’UNIVERS: CHROLOGIE SCIENCE DE L’UNIVERS (French Edition): Ndilira Rotam, Ulrich, Ndilira Rotam, Ulrich: 9798859057511: Books


The life of people on Earth, taking into account that none of the technologies are capable of revealing the ultimate horizon of the Universe on both a small- and large scale. Chrology has conducted much research that reveals that the universe is not a static place. In that situation, the majority of its components are adaptable to the time and location relative to that which is offered. The complexity of the entire scope of understanding the universe, in the fields of vision and other sense organs, concerning the brains, the computers, and the instrumental materials that they have designed to obtain, analyze, and verify results, then to classify in the human knowledge without altering the concepts, constitute an abstract representation.

When there are an element like other elements in the entire existence throughout the entire Universe, the techniques and strategies employed to know their complete magnitude can pose a serious curiosity to readers.

People’s various attempts to understand the universe in a single idea are an unfounded method to uncover all of the mysteries it is hiding since there are many problems that the normal sciences can answer, which places additional restrictions on access to the deep, sophisticated understanding of the universe.

This book is the culmination of 23 years of independent study across all scientific fields with the aim of the most challenging queries enabling the authors to work with more difficulties and issues from everyday life. This work also enables the writers to create some novel products, like SECETM Energy, which utilizes Air, Sand and Water (ASW), and provides mechanical energy that emits no carbon dioxide to convert to electricity for more hope on climate change solutions.

The book will discuss some research discoveries designed to attract readers' interest in the deep representation of the universe. Readers will discover what Chrology is. The growth of the mass notion; the unshakeable presence and existence of the entire universe; the fundamental coequalities of the universe; the paradox of elastic approaches; and the reciprocal perspectives of other universes' worlds. All of them are offering readers new insights on ways to gain access to the universe's most intricate understanding. The book is distinctive after Chrology Science of all Sciences, initial edition. It unlocks a broad mental framework and blueprint that gives access to the original Universe's most complex understanding and profound idea the entire universe is carrying.


The CEO and Founder of IRIDCCS Technologies, Ulrich Ndilira Rotam, is a researcher in physics, cosmology, energy, and climate change solutions. He is a prominent author, inventor, and environmental specialist who has worked professionally in the oilfield sector. He has been doing this for more than ten years. Accumulated knowledge in his industry working for oil and service firms. Ulrich entered the energy sector in 2004. Petroleum; an oilfield. From 2004 to 2019, he obtained numerous oilfield diplomas and certificates. Energy with professional training in safety, computer design, simulation, and management, both onshore and offshore markets business operations, clients, and service provision. He has experienced considerable success as the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Independent Research, Innovation, and Development on Climate Change Solutions, his private company. Rotam has received numerous awards and recognitions, including recognition in the sciences, research, technologies, and engineering by Marquis Who is in America 2022–2023. Ulrich has a strong background in physical science, particularly in the areas of general mechanics, electromagnetism, biophysics, astrophysics, general mechanics, quantum mechanics, fluid mechanics, materials physics, condensed matter physics, physical statistics, optics, acoustics, relativity, cosmology, energy, and general mechanics. Algebra, analysis, calculus, trigonometry, probability, Euclidean and non-Euclidean geometry are all areas of mathematics that he is proficient in. Thermodynamic, Inorganic, and Organic Chemistry form its foundation. His biggest interest is in significant scientific topics, the majority of which are unresolved and unfinished, and this will drive him on his own to conduct extensive, extremely difficult research. Ulrich has paved the way for numerous research initiatives in the fields of energy, cosmology, water, and global warming as an independent physicist, cosmologist, and energy researcher. He has helped and made contributions to the study of adaptation and renewable energy strategies for combating climate change. His creation of SECETM ENERGY is the finest way to combat climate change, giving humanity enormous hope. His clever and genius mind will produce more fascinating work to progress sciences and technologies.

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