The Menopause Clothing Industry is Heating Up and Femography Is Leading the Way

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 27, 2023 / By 2025, an estimated 1.1 billion women worldwide will experience the transformative phase of menopause, a natural progression that often brings with it a multitude of challenging symptoms. A staggering 73% of these women report that menopausal hot flashes have disrupted their professional lives. Yet, despite the profound impact on so many, 80% of health providers catering to women acknowledge a concerning gap in their training on menopause.

In a significant leap forward for women's health and fashion, Femography is setting new benchmarks as a global B2B apparel manufacturer. Specializing in feminine health and hygiene, Femography continues to develop an industry-leading Meno apparel line designed to alleviate the multifaceted discomforts associated with menopause. This pioneering initiative is bolstered by the backing of MAS Holdings, South Asia's largest Apparel Tech Company - a $2 billion conglomerate present in 17 countries.

Given that a meager 3% of businesses focused on women's health have secured financing since 2011, Femography's commitment to filling this void with practical, innovative, non-medical solutions is groundbreaking. The brand is poised to deliver tangible change in a market long overdue for meaningful and transformational solutions.

"Femography's journey commenced almost a decade back, in 2014, when the term FemTech merely existed and only a few dared to shed light on the taboos and stigma surrounding feminine health and hygiene. Research and innovation have been a long-standing gap for women's wellbeing and we were committed to changing this narrative. Over time, the FemTech industry has grown exponentially and Femography has become a pioneer and lighthouse, innovating and manufacturing solutions that bring greater health, dignity, and confidence to feminine lives through what they wear, supporting them across all life stages, from a woman's first period all the way to menopause, and everything in between" remarks Pilar Diaz, CEO of Femography, highlighting the company's steadfast commitment to bridging the long-standing gap in women's health.

In addition to its purpose-driven focus to reimagine the fabric of an empowered feminine future, Femography leads the industry with science-backed solutions. Their patented Anti-Flush™ Technology is a game-changer in combating hot flashes and night sweats, the #1 symptom of menopause. Designed to handle all three phases of a hot flash (a sudden intense feeling of heat, followed by excessive sweating and a post-flash chill), it allows wearers to remain cool, dry, and confident throughout their day.

One of Femography's notable contributions to the industry is its consumer-facing Menopause brand, "Become." Launched seven years ago when few were willing to broach the subject, the brand has since received an overall rating of 4.3 out of 5 based on approximately 2,000 independent reviews via Trustpilot. This is a resounding endorsement of Femography's commitment to non-invasive, non-medical solutions for menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and night sweats, underpinned by their patented Anti-Flush™ Technology.

In terms of market competition, Femography's affiliation with MAS Holdings propels it into a category of its own. Armed with patented technology platforms and an expansive, intelligent product portfolio, they are the industry leader across all feminine life stages in apparel and textiles. Their innovative product range-featuring Anti-Flush™ Sleepwear, Camisoles, Panties, Loungewear, Tank Tops, Leggings, and Ultra Absorbent Underwear-is carefully crafted to alleviate menopause-related challenges, empowering women to lead unburdened lives.

But Femography's prowess extends beyond product innovation; the brand is also a champion of sustainability and social responsibility. Leading the shift from disposable to reusable feminine products is a significant stride toward environmental responsibility, reflecting the brand's dedication to planetary health in every business decision it makes.

Femography is equally committed to breaking societal taboos around women's health. By openly discussing topics traditionally considered off-limits-ranging from periods and breastfeeding to urinary incontinence and menopause-they are dismantling stigmas and spearheading a new era of feminine empowerment. Designed with women for women, Femography is "walking the talk" when it comes to product innovation and core beliefs.

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About Femography:

Femography is one of the world's leading B2B apparel manufacturers specializing in feminine health and hygiene. Inspired by the power of the feminine mind and body, Femography ‘Reimagines the fabric of an empowered feminine future', creating apparel solutions to meet the unmet and unseen needs of women across all stages of the feminine journey, from menstruation, maternity to menopause, and everything in between.

At present, Femography works with a host of renowned global brands that contribute vastly to revolutionizing the space, developing and bringing together integrated apparel solutions to help overcome barriers that address feminine health and hygiene.

Femography is backed by MAS Holdings, the largest Apparel Tech Company in South Asia. The $2B conglomerate has its presence in 17 countries with global hubs in New York & San Francisco. The company continues to develop products across intimate wear, activewear, and swimwear for top brands and household names around the world.

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