ORIGIN WORLD Innovative Deflation Mechanism, enable comprehensive regulation and self-operation

As a project led by an innovative financial system and emphasizing technology as a first-mover advantage, it also has a complete closed-loop business logic in economic theory, which is the core supporting the entire financial system. In the process of market operation, a complete deflation model mechanism can ensure the risk-free and smooth operation of the project and self-adjust according to the core mechanism. It is the key to testing whether a project can operate healthily for a long time.

ORIGIN’s innovative deflation mechanism uses three core mechanisms as guarantees to enable comprehensive regulation and self-operation. The three deflation mechanisms are the economic flywheel model, the cooperation of the six major contracts of the ORIGIN operating contract, and the casting of privacy stablecoins.

First, let’s talk about the economic flywheel model. The economic flywheel model is designed to adjust the supply and demand relationship automatically to match or offset the out-of-control resonance in the market. By coordinating bonds, stakes, and treasury contracts, it can form its system to balance token supply and demand, price coordination, treasury asset guarantees, etc., just like holding a weight scale; it can conduct economic macro-control of the entire protocol data.

The six significant contracts of the ORIGIN operating agreement cooperate. Each contract type plays a complementary market function and jointly builds a complete commercial closed loop.

Finally, there is the minting of privacy stablecoin (token name: A). The platform uses 3% of the selling fee to repurchase LGNS and mint privacy stablecoin A through the minting contract at about 50% to 20% off the market price of LGNS, and at the same time, LGNS is destroyed. The treasury contract automatically transfers USDT out of USDT as the anchor reserve for the issuance of privacy stablecoins at a ratio of 1:1 according to the number of privacy stablecoins issued. This part has substantial deflation for LGNS, and at the same time, each stablecoin A is truly riveted by 1 USDT.

The economic model has a complete closed-loop business logic as a project led by an innovative financial system and emphasizes technology as a first-mover advantage. The core supports the entire financial system, coupled with the innovation and innovation of these three deflation mechanisms. Working together, the new world of ORIGIN will emerge from the cocoon.

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