UKG to Transform Payroll Reporting with Generative AI

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Uncover insights, build reports, and make data-driven decisions by simply asking a question

UKG, a leading provider of HR, payroll, workforce management, and culture solutions for all people, today announced during the 42nd annual Payroll Congress Convention and Expo that it is transforming payroll reporting with generative AI (GenAI). A leader in AI for HCM, UKG will make it even easier to create payroll reports in UKG Pro by allowing users to uncover insights and curate dashboards with explanations through a simple question and answer interaction.

Conversational experiences are a cornerstone of the UKG GenAI strategy. Instead of requiring payroll teams to manually search, review, or audit large datasets for specific information, they can dramatically accelerate the process with a text-based request for information, such as “Show me employees who still receive a physical paycheck?” or “Tell me which employees have reached the social security wage limit?” By further improving a vital business process with GenAI support, accuracy is enhanced while also freeing up time to focus on other strategic priorities that help people and the organization.

“Payroll reporting often feels like seeking a needle in a haystack, and by the time the frantic search for information is over, it’s often too late to take action on the moment,” said Hugo Sarrazin, chief product and technology officer at UKG. “With generative AI, we’re dramatically reducing payroll complexity by making critical payroll data easily searchable and accessible through conversational experiences, while also putting that information into actionable context for payroll teams.”

Beyond benefits to payroll processing and reporting, GenAI is embedded throughout the Pro suite to help all employees, whether frontline or in-office, accomplish more during the flow of their everyday work. In addition to conversational search that understands a user’s language and intent in order to deliver better results, GenAI will also help organizations with:

  • Summarization: Highlighting common themes and trends from long-form text documents, such as feedback for performance reviews;
  • Classification: Recognizing various types of data based on content and context in order to identify patterns or provide guidance and recommendations on otherwise hard-to-spot trends; and
  • Content creation: Learning patterns based on existing data, then using that knowledge to generate new and unique content, such as job descriptions.

The AI in the Pro suite is powered by UKG Bryte, an AI assistant that is part of Pro’s architecture. UKG Bryte is trained on the world’s largest collection of people data, work data, and culture data, including three decades of Great Place To Work® benchmarks and best practices that only UKG has. By deploying an advanced AI approach built around a commitment to ethical utilization and includes UKG Bryte, leading Large Language Foundational Models from Google Cloud, and the customer’s unique data, UKG provides employees at all levels with guidance, recommendations, and proactive nudges grounded in proven strategies.

“Payroll curates one of the richest yet most underutilized datasets in any organization, and firms of all sizes are increasingly seeking to access its deep insights to support data-driven decision-making,” said Pete Tiliakos, principal analyst and strategic advisor at 3Sixty Insights. “Gen AI-enabled, conversational analytic payroll reporting is well-timed and accelerates UKG’s transformative payroll vision, which spans from global scheduling to funding and aims to augment employees, managers, and practitioners for improved workforce and business outcomes.”

UKG pay innovations, such as UKG One View — which provides an industry-first schedule-to-pay solution for multi-national businesses — will be on display from May 7-10 in UKG booth #715 during Payroll Congress.

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