Asset Infinity Manages A Company’s Assets And Equipment For Them To Keep Track Of In One Centralized Location

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Preventing lost IT equipment, assets, and more is possible with the services of Asset Infinity. This asset management software keeps a list of all of a company’s items in one place so that accurate tracking can be available all the time.

Many companies struggle to keep track of all of their assets. Whether it’s IT equipment, product inventory, or even office furniture, things tend to get lost. The inventory doesn’t add up to what the last spreadsheet says it should be, and laptops loaned out to employees don’t seem to have made their way back to the IT department. With everyone keeping track of inventory in a separate place that doesn’t get updated in real-time, it’s no wonder that things get lost. 

Asset Infinity provides software that manages these items for a company, tracking assets to start preventing all of those lost and unaccounted-for items. 

The Enterprise Asset Management software from Asset Infinity

The benefits of the EAM, or Enterprise Asset Management software from Asset Infinity, are divided into three groups. The first is Assets and Inventory. This covers asset tracking, inventory management, and, finally, audits and physical verifications. What this first piece of the software does is keep track of assets and inventory in one centralized location that can be updated in real-time from anywhere while also providing a space to schedule audits of these assets to make sure the asset list is being kept up to date. 

The second group is for Maintenance, Helpdesk, and CMMS. This section is for IT and property management to ensure all assets are receiving preventative maintenance and provides a place for tickets to be opened when an asset breaks down. It also allows for utility tracking to manage the consumption and usage of different assets. 

The last group is for Purchasing and Requisitions. Just as the name suggests, this is where new assets and inventory purchases can be requested and processed when something is running low. 


When assets aren’t kept track of properly, they can be lost and damaged which ultimately loses money for a company. With Asset Infinity, companies no longer need to worry about this as they manage every aspect of their assets in one central location. 

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