From Hollywood to NYC: The Stunt Journey of Brent Bernal Quintero

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From Hollywood to NYC: The Stunt Journey of Brent Bernal Quintero
Brent Bernal Quintero

In 2016, a spark ignited within Brent Bernal Quintero as he witnessed the WaterWorld show at Universal Studios. Little did he know, this moment would lead to a remarkable journey in the world of stunts. From overcoming personal challenges to achieving milestones, Brent shares his inspiring story of passion, courage, and commitment.

Brent’s journey began with a profound desire to be part of the WaterWorld show after witnessing it in 2016. The spark of inspiration fueled his determination to pursue a career in stunt performing.

Like any journey, Brent faced challenges. Weight loss and fear of heights were hurdles he conquered on his path to becoming a stunt performer. He emphasizes the significance of short-term goals in propelling his success. From losing weight to joining the Marine Corps Reserves and graduating in Acting and Theatre Performance Arts, each achievement marked a step forward in his journey.

In 2020, the pivotal moment arrived when Brent faced a nerve-wracking stunt school interview. His honesty and dedication led to success, marking a turning point in his career.

Celebrations for Brent involve co-workers, after-parties, and trips to the parkour gym. Training with his colleagues reflects their shared love for the craft, creating a unique bond beyond the screen.

A highlight in Brent’s career was a trip to New York City for a project premiere in 2021. Meeting the stunt group for Bruce Lee's "Enter the Dragon" and industry peers exceeded his expectations, showcasing the unexpected heights his career would reach.

Brent’s journey is underpinned by three core values — honor, courage, and commitment. These principles guide him through challenges and inspire others to pursue their dreams with determination. 

Brent distinguishes himself with a unique blend of theatre background, swimming skills, and military knowledge. His expertise in weapon safety and combat makes him the go-to performer for roles requiring resilience and toughness. 

Bernal Quintero's journey from WaterWorld to NYC exemplifies the power of passion, commitment, and overcoming challenges. His story serves as an inspiration for those chasing their dreams, not only in the dynamic world of stunt performing, but wherever their passions lead.

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