Breaking Free from Constraints: The Story Behind Yield Magnet

By: IssueWire

Perth, Western Australia Nov 15, 2023 ( - Over the past eight months, we've poured our energy into crafting and expanding the Sigil Finance platform. We've been on a journey of growth, fine-tuning, and enhancing security and performance, all with a singular focus -- doing what we do even better.

We realised through this, that we needed a new token to confer the benefits we wanted to give holders, put simply the V1 token wasn't cutting it. During this process we realised a unique opportunity... the opportunity for change. The opportunity to set our own direction, to no longer be constrained by the existing token and technology, the opportunity to define our own North star.

So we sat down and asked ourselves the most important question of all, "why?" Why do we do what we do? What brought us here in the first place? For many of us it was the idea that we could take what we knew about crypto and investing and turn it into something more, a business, an income, a career. For others it was the idea that we could find someone to help us navigate such a volatile space, the idea that we didn't need to spend days and weeks on Telegram and Twitter, staring at charts and reading chats, but that we could still grow our portfolio like someone that did.

The answer quickly hit us like a ton of bricks attached to a rocket ship... it was about money. But not money for its own sake; it's about having the freedom to choose how we earn it. The idea that we could support the life we wanted, how we wanted. Because for many, money is the obstacle to freedom. We work 40 hours a week in unfulfilling jobs, answering to unappreciative managers, only to return home exhausted and receive a 3% pay raise at year's end, devoured by inflation.

However, life should not be about this. We work to live, not live to work.

Life holds a different meaning for each of us -- it's about exploring the world, scaling mountains, pursuing our passions, cherishing moments with loved ones, or enjoying simple pleasures like walking the dog. Yet, for many of us, money often stands in the way.

So our reason is simple, to help people remove this obstacle, to create an ecosystem where people can build their own future, whatever that may look like for them.

With this in mind, we have decided to align our brand with our new North Star. Introducing Yield Manget! A platform and ecosystem dedicated to building the tools that will empower people to build their own financial future! Through the coming months, we will be building and expanding our utility to provide the tools that will allow the community to build their income how they choose, and to decide what life looks like for themselves!

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