University Vision Centre Redoubles Efforts to Combat Rise in Myopia Cases

West El Paso, TX — University Vision Centre has announced that they are intensifying their already effective myopia management program to help treat the growing number of children who are developing myopia in the United States. These expanded efforts are being led by myopia specialist and veteran optometrist Dr. Gabriel Davila, O.D., who specializes in treating children and working with families to create effective treatment plans.

“When treating a child’s myopia, early intervention is key,” said Dr. Davila, “The earlier nearsightedness is caught and addressed, the more long-term damage we can prevent. We have tools in our toolbox, like Ortho-K and multifocal contact lenses, which can prevent the eye’s shape from changing too drastically. Many parents just get their kids glasses to fix their vision, but unfortunately that’s just a band aid that fails to address the eye condition’s root cause.”

Myopia occurs when the eye elongates, which makes it lose its spherical shape and look more like an olive. This causes light to focus in front of the retina instead of on the retina itself, which blurs vision. This change in shape continues throughout childhood and their teen years, leveling off around age 20.

The increased number of people affected by myopia has skyrocketed in recent years. Currently, over 2 billion people suffer from myopia worldwide. More than 40% of people in the United States are nearsighted, which is up from 25% as recently as 1971.

“In my twenty years at University Vision Centre, I have seen more and more kids brought in for myopia,” said senior optometrist Dr. John L. Ellis II, O.D. “It has become an epidemic, and it isn’t just in El Paso. This describes a trend that’s happening all over the country. If we want to set children up for success and protect their long-term vision, we need to increase public awareness and continually innovate our approach to myopia treatment.”

Dr. Davila is leading University Vision Centre’s efforts to expand their myopia management program. He holds a certification in myopia management from the International Academy, which is an advanced accreditation offered by the International Academy of Orthokeratology & Myopia Control (IAOMC). Dr. Davila’s extensive training and patient experience positions him as a leading figure in myopia treatment in the El Paso area.

The key to decreasing the permanent damage caused by myopia is preventing the eye from changing shape while a child is still growing. Eyeglasses sit on the bridge of the nose instead of the eyes themselves, which means they are correcting vision but not preventing eye elongation. The advantage of specialty contacts like Ortho-K is that they are harder lenses that sit directly on the cornea, and their rigidity helps the eye hold its proper shape.

There are long-term benefits for children who have undergone myopia treatment. With regular treatment, myopia’s progression can be significantly lessened or even prevented. Additionally, myopia treatment reduces the risk of developing an eye disease later in life, because the change in eye shape makes them more susceptible to serious, sight-threatening conditions like glaucoma, cataracts, and more.

Parents concerned about the long-term impacts of myopia on their children should contact University Vision Centre at (915) 800 - 0759. Their team is passionate about the El Paso community and their staff is bilingual, allowing them to support patients and their families in English or Spanish.

About University Vision Centre

University Vision Centre is a longstanding, full-service optometric practice in El Paso, TX. Featuring a strong pediatric program, a vast eyewear selection, advanced technology, and high-quality medical eye care that includes innovative dry eye treatments, patients at University Vision Centre experience comprehensive eye care at this bilingual practice. With many of their expert team members able to speak both Spanish and English, University Vision Centre has strong ties to the El Paso community that’s built on years of personalized and efficient service. Notably, they are the largest Tom Ford eyewear retailer in the southwest U.S.

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