Haier Biomedical Collaborates with ImmuONE in Research to Commercialize Alveolar Models

The alveoli play a crucial role in the process of respiration, and the infestation of alveolar tissue can lead to various respiratory diseases, including severe COVID-19, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and pulmonary fibrosis. Although current models that can mimic the cellular composition and physiological functions of the lungs have, to some extent, shown success, they still differ significantly from the actual in vivo conditions, specifically in areas such as alveolar dimensions, saccadic morphology construction, and cellular composition complexity. Therefore, the commercialization of alveolar models is crucial for research purposes.

ImmuONE, a biotech spin-off company from the University of Hertfordshire, recently began the commercialization of its alveolar model, which has been made possible through its purchase of top-of-the-line laboratory equipment from Haier Biomedical for the company’s offerings of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment and excellent customer service. Haier Biomedical is a user-centric leading eco-brand in the field of digital scenarios for life science and medical innovation, dedicated to providing professional after-sales service, garnering widespread recognition from users across different countries.


ImmuONE has purchased several of Haier Biomedical’s products, such as Ultra-low Temperature Freezers, Incubators, and Biosafety Cabinets. Notably, the largest quantity of equipment purchased by the company is the Biosafety Cabinets, rated for BSL-2, which can provide optimal protection for operators, the laboratory environment, and samples against the potential risks posed by infectious aerosols and exposure to bacterial strains and other infectious substances. It offers operators a safe and comfortable working environment, and is widely used in the fields of healthcare, disease prevention, food safety, biopharmaceuticals, and environmental monitoring.


Haier Biomedical has implemented several humanized designs in its Biosafety Cabinet, an essential equipment for conducting experiments. These designs include the V-shaped air inlet design, which prevents the operator's samples or arms from blocking the airflow; the UV lamps, which record and remember user settings and habits; and the preset start-up delay for convenient one-click operations.

In addition, the equipment has undergone enhancements in terms of intelligence and digitalization. In the intelligent mode, if there is no activity in the operation area for more than 15 minutes, it will automatically switch to LNS green energy-saving mode to reduce noise, conserve energy, and prolong the lifespan of the filter. At the same time, the hot ball airflow speed sensor will monitor the airflow speed in the working area in real time and compare it with the standard airflow speed. Then, through the microcomputer system, the fan speed is adjusted accordingly to maintain a constant airflow speed within the cabinet. In the event of abnormal operation, the equipment will promptly alert the user, a feature enabled by the Internet of Things (IoT).


Chris Gibbs, ImmuONE’s laboratory technician, commented that they are “delighted to have found a supplier offering a wide array of essential laboratory equipment,” and that Haier Biomedical was chosen based not only on the company’s excellent product quality and after-sales service but also its “extensive inventory, prompt delivery times, competitive pricing, and incorporation of modern safety and sterilization features in the high-quality equipment.”

ImmuONE’s mission is to lead the translational innovation of lung and immune cell systems, dedicated to safeguarding human safety and accelerating product improvement, which aligns perfectly with Haier Biomedical’s objective. This collaboration is anticipated to foster even greater innovation, as both sides join forces to contribute to the vigorous development of the healthcare industry, ultimately making life better.

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