Silver Destiny By Noel Priester A World Of Chaos, War, And Dispute Intertwined In One Book

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Silver Destiny By Noel Priester A World Of Chaos, War, And Dispute Intertwined In One Book

Lovers of mythology and captivating narratives are in for a treat as author Noel Priester unveils his latest masterpiece, “Silver Destiny.” This enthralling novel takes readers on an extraordinary journey where mortals and gods collide, blurring the lines between power, destiny, and the struggles of the Hunter Clan.

Set on the mesmerizing planet of “Silver,” “Silver Destiny” delves into a world where the Hunter Clan, once prosperous and revered, now fights against their fated downfall. The narrative centres around the intriguing character of Bounty Hunter 13, born under three red moons and cursed from birth to be an outcast. The story beautifully weaves his personal journey with that of his clan, exploring the unrelenting clash between Clans and Gods.

Priester’s skilful storytelling effortlessly merges elements of sci-fi and fantasy, creating a vivid and immersive universe that will capture the imaginations of readers. “Silver Destiny” is a saga of chaos, wars, and battles that test the resilience of the Hunter Clan as they stand as guardians of their planet. With Fate as an ever-present force, the characters navigate a treacherous path to protect their world from the wrath of the divine.

The novel’s action-packed narrative is infused with a sense of mysticism and mythology, offering readers a unique and captivating reading experience. “Silver Destiny” explores the delicate balance between mortal and divine, showcasing the interplay of power, resilience, and the unyielding human spirit.

Noel Priester’s “Silver Destiny” is a remarkable addition to the realm of sci-fi fantasy literature, promising readers an exhilarating adventure through a world where destiny hangs in the balance. With rich character development, intricate plotlines, and a touch of the mythic, this novel is poised to captivate audiences far and wide.

“Silver Destiny” will soon be available for readers who crave enthralling narratives that transport them to a world where the boundaries of reality and the divine blur. Embark on this unforgettable journey and experience the clash of Clans and Gods in a tale that will leave you craving for more.

About the Author:

Noel was adopted into a middle-class pastor and his wife’s home. As a son of a pastor, he learned about religion. Growing up, he was always an imaginative boy. In high school, he wrote his first story. He found a creative outlet for his imagination. He was deeply interested in the mythology and folklore of other cultures. That melting pot allowed him to evolve his ideas.

Book Name: Silver Destiny: From Chaos Begotten
Author Name: Noel Priester
ISBN Number: 978-1916787032
Website: Click Here
Paperback Version: Click Here

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