PromoAI Empowers Small Businesses To Efficiently Launch and Manage Social Media Campaigns With Advanced AI Tool

PromoAI is an advanced video creating/editing program capable of making compelling marketing videos based on the user’s website URL and/or business description. This powerful assistant is enabling SMEs to rival the performance of established brands with unrivaled efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Automating the process of content creation and video publishing from a single platform, the fastest generative AI PromoAI launched with a simple mission – to enable small brands and businesses to work smarter, not harder. 

Cutting-edge artificial intelligence software powers this video editor assistant, allowing users to create content of consistent quality within minutes, launch it on multiple platforms, and seamlessly manage its performance at all times. 

Tom More, CEO of underscored that PromoAI generative AI assistant is perfectly suited for businesses of all sizes, emphasizing that small and medium businesses and enterprises could harness its powerful technologies to competitively engage much larger rivals, stating:

“For companies of all sizes, PromoAI Copilot represents a giant leap forward in social media marketing. The platform almost instantly delivers a compelling, video-centered social media strategy for businesses, delivering thousands of dollars worth of value. Our Copilot evens the playing field for small business owners to compete against bigger brands across these promotional channels, and vastly increases productivity when compared to creating social videos manually,” said Tom More, CEO of 

The uniqueness of PromoAI lies in its ability to generate original high-quality content directly from the user’s business address or business description. Promo has invested years of market and software research to create the fastest and simplest content creation artificial intelligence software that could rival or even potentially eclipse the height of what ChatGPT and OpenAI could do. 

If the user does not own a business, the Promo AI platform can generate new content based on simple descriptions and branding instructions, including but not limited to logo, watermark, colors, and more. 

Promo boasts thousands of customizable templates and draws from a comprehensive asset library of Getty Images to create unique, compelling content for every occasion, all of which can later be edited in real-time. 

With an inbuilt content calendar, a month’s worth of videos can be generated ahead of time and scheduled for launch. The speed and utility of PromoAI unlocks the possibility of starting far larger social media marketing campaigns, potentially skyrocketing the user’s reach, leads, and traffic. 

What separates Promo AI from contemporary alternatives is its seamless integration with a variety of leading visual platforms. Grant Farhal, CPO of Getty Images expressed that the company is enthused about its partnership with Promo and the way it empowers businesses to use Getty Images content in a different, more efficient way: 

“This is a great example of what can be achieved when you combine amazing visuals, innovative technology, and the unique talents of individuals. Promo’s innovative AI platform empowers their users to create imaginative content, leveraging Getty Images’ creative visuals in a manner that is efficient and safe commercially. We are excited to see how Promo’s customers use this new tool in their creative workflows,” said Grant Farhal, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images. 

Besides Getty Images, Promo has partnered with numerous industry giants, including but not limited to Meta, Instagram, YouTube, and Triple Scoop Music. The generative AI platform seamlessly integrates with all mainstream social media platforms and was awarded the Best B2B Product award for its innovation and efficiency. 

Unlike competing alternatives that are laser-focused on creating content, Promo AI also enables its users to fully edit every image and video in the simplest method possible. A chat-based Copilot AI stands at the ready to assist the user in modifying generated content via text requests. These can be used to change music, style, colors, captions, fonts, language, and even swap content with other ideas. 

The circle is complete with Promo’s thoroughly streamlined content publishing tools. All content created by this AI-powered software can be seamlessly launched and monitored on any social media platform with a click of a button. Boasting customizable titles, descriptions, and handles, content created by Promo AI can be fully optimized for each channel. 

More information about Promo AI is available on the company’s official website

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