Ketamine's Promising Effects on Chronic Migraine Sufferers

Conroe, TX ( Monday May 22, 2023 @ 7:30 AM Central —

Intravenous ketamine is quickly gaining recognition for its promising effects as an effective treatment option for refractory migraines. Ketamine, traditionally used for anesthesia, has recently been shown to be a promising alternative for treating various specific health conditions, including chronic pain syndromes and treatment-resistant mental health and eating disorders such as depression.

Ketamine works directly on receptors in the brain to alleviate migraine symptoms. Unlike other prescription medications used to treat migraines, ketamine does not restrict blood flow and is not linked to the development of medication-induced headaches. This makes it a particularly appealing option for patients struggling to find relief."

Clinical studies have shown that intravenous ketamine doses have reduced migraine attacks in patients who met the diagnostic criteria for migraine without aura, migraine with aura, or chronic migraine. With few health risks and minimal side effects, ketamine is a promising treatment method for individuals who have not experienced any relief from conventional migraine treatments.

Other than migraines, ketamine has been found to be effective in the treatment of various psychological conditions such as depression, anxiety, and PTSD. However, more clinical studies are required for further research to confirm the full benefits of ketamine infusion therapy.

Houston ketamine Specialist knows ketamine is not yet considered a first-line option for migraine treatment. It is an outstanding alternative for those who have exhausted traditional treatment options. With minimal side effects and significant potential for relief, intravenous ketamine may be just the solution patients have been searching for.

About Houston Ketamine Specialist

Houston Ketamine Specialists was founded on the premise that every person should have the absolute best chance to live their lives unburdened by crippling mental health disorders or chronic pain. Our objective is to help relieve the suffering of each of our patients and help them achieve their full potential to lead fulfilling and enriching lives.

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