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By Meg Flippin, Benzinga

Want access to a slew of digital tokens without any of the complications? Checkout BYDFi.

When it comes to trading cryptocurrency, ease of use, strong volume and access to several digital tokens top many users’ lists. Privacy is another key tenet, especially if you reside in a jurisdiction that isn’t too keen on this form of investing.

From the U.K. to Vietnam, several countries either ban cryptocurrency investing or have restrictions that make it more complicated, shutting millions of people out of this popular investment class. It’s why Know Your Customer or KYC procedures that verify a customer’s identity are required with several cryptocurrency exchanges. But for many users that flies in the face of the idea behind cryptocurrency. Because coins are traded on a decentralized platform, transactions remain anonymous. By mandating KYC, the users’ identity is no longer private and if they reside in a country with a restrictive regime that can have serious negative implications. Not to mention, it adds yet another layer of effort, especially if you are converting fiat into digital tokens.

The Most Friendly Crypto Exchange?

That added step isn’t a requirement at BYDFi Crypto Exchange., the cryptocurrency exchange hailing out of Singapore. The No-KYC policy is borne from the company’s mission to bring flexibility and user-centricity to its exchange, a feature helping it set itself apart from the competition.

In certain regions, BYDFi provides tremendous flexibility, allowing users to experience the convenience of digital currencies and the freedom of trading without the need for KYC procedures. That means you can withdraw up to 0.5 BTC each day without verifying your identity. That alone is winning the exchange accolades with many users and reviewers alike. It was ranked one of the top ten cryptocurrency exchanges by Forbes last year. Pretty impressive given it's only been around since 2020.

KYC doesn’t have to be an issue when you trade with BYDFi. Get started here.

But it's not just that next level of privacy that makes BYDFi, formerly BitYard, stand out. The cryptocurrency exchange was designed to appeal to novice and experienced traders alike, making it the preferred platform for over 500,000 users in more than 150 countries. Through BYDFi they get access to over 550 different cryptocurrencies. As of December 2023, BYDFi had a 24-hour volume of almost $154 million. That’s important because the volume or lack of it can have a big impact on price. It's also one of the few exchanges to convert fiat to crypto, offering an important on-ramp for English investors. Many of the exchanges on the market allow crypto-to-crypto conversions only.

Simplicity Has Its Benefits

What also makes BYDFi popular with its customers is the ease with which anyone can trade an array of digital tokens without needing an advanced degree. Take its spot trading support for starters. This allows users to buy and sell digital tokens. BYDFi offers three levels depending on the user’s sophistication. The first level makes it quick and easy to buy and sell, while the second tier has advanced features such as charting and analyzing tools. The third level has a convert capability for users who don’t want to off-ramp but instead convert their holdings into stablecoins or crypto that is pegged to a fiat asset. For more advanced traders it offers perpetual contracts and leverage tokens.

One other popular feature of BYDFi is the leverage it grants access to via its trading pairs. The exchange provides leverage on over 200 perpetual contract trading pairs, and the leverage on token trading pairs is reportedly the most in the industry. Professional traders use leverage in bull markets to maximize their gains.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Then there is the company’s customer support. An exchange is only as good as its support, and BYDFi recognizes that. For starters, it offers a user-friendly English interface and responsive customer support. You can get in touch with BYDFi via live chat 24/7, which means if you have a question in the wee hours of the night you’ll get an answer in real-time. If your question isn’t too pressing you can email BYDFi and get an answer within 24 hours. The company also has robust help sections on its website, giving you answers to almost every question you may have. And if that’s not enough you can visit the company’s social media to get help.

Increasing numbers around the world are eager to invest in digital tokens, but too many exchanges make the process complicated. BYDFi is changing that with its easy-to-use platform and its no-KYC policy.

BYDFi, A First-Choice Option In Case Of Difficulties With Other Brokers?

BYDFi’s top notch customer support, the ease with which one can open an account and the availability of leverage on popular products make it a go-to destination. This is especially true when traditional exchanges’ stringent KYC protocols make it difficult or impossible to trade on those exchanges.

Over 500,000 users have joined the BYDFi exchange, making it a hotspot amongst both professionals and novices. It’s clear that on whichever end of the spectrum one may lie, BYDFi has something for everyone.

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Featured photo by Kanchanara on Unsplash.

BYDFi is a one-stop social trading platform for global investors. It has continued to bring professional, convenient, and new trading services to global users since 2020. With the slogan "BUIDL Your Dream Finance" and a fundamentally improved user interface, take cryptocurrency trading to a whole new level, providing users with a better trading experience. BYDFi aspires for its platform to afford users autonomy and leave a permanent imprint on the sector's progress.

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