Why The 1% Are Adding Alternative Assets To Their Portfolios

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By Austin DeNoce, Benzinga

Diversify your portfolio with alternative assets like DLP Capital’s real estate funds.

Alternative assets are becoming the new buzzword in the investment world, especially among the affluent 1%. But what exactly are these assets? Simply put, they include investments outside the traditional arenas of stocks, bonds and cash. Think private equity, hedge funds, real estate, commodities and even the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. The appeal of these assets is their potential for higher, above-market returns and portfolio diversification as a crucial hedge against stock and bond market volatility with largely uncorrelated performance.

The Shift In Investment Strategies

So why are the wealthiest investors, those in the top 1%, shifting their focus to alternative assets? The reason is twofold. First, these investments have shown the potential to outperform traditional portfolios. UBS Group AG (NYSE: UBS), a global leader in wealth management, has responded to this trend by recommending higher allocations to private markets, including private equity, debt, real estate and hedge funds. In fact, UBS has called for a new benchmark, stepping away from a 60-40 stock-bond mix for a 40-30-30 stock-bond-alternatives portfolio. This advice aligns with historical data showing private markets outperforming the S&P 500 over the last three, five and ten-year periods.

Secondly, the advent of more accessible private funds – such as evergreen or perpetual funds – has lowered the entry barriers. Minimum investment thresholds now range from under $100,000 up to the more typical $250,000. They also provide more flexibility to withdraw assets, making private markets more liquid and attainable for individuals with assets of $10 million or less. This democratization of alternative investments has caught the attention of many wealthy investors, who are increasingly looking to mirror the strategies of endowments and large single-family offices with substantial private investment allocations.

DLP Capital’s Real Estate Funds

In this search for alternative assets, DLP Capital provides unique opportunities with a focus on socially impactful real estate investing. The company's approach is grounded in using capital for real estate-backed investments aimed at generating returns for investors while also considering broader community prosperity. Its emphasis on passive investing in real estate funds aligns with the growing trend of investors seeking diversified portfolios that include alternative assets beyond the traditional 60-40 mix of stocks and bonds.

DLP Capital offers a range of real estate funds, each with its unique strategy and target returns. For instance, the DLP Lending Fund focuses on providing capital to operators and builders involved in affordable workforce housing projects, targeting annual returns of 9-10%. The DLP Building Communities Fund, aimed at growth, invests in developing attainable single-family and multifamily rental communities p in the Sunbelt region, with a target of 11-13% annual returns. Additionally, the DLP Preferred Credit Fund focuses on mortgage loan origination and acquisitions of rental community assets, while the DLP Housing Fund focuses on equity investments into multifamily rental communities. Those two funds target returns in the range of 10-12%.

Led by Founder & CEO Don Wenner, DLP Capital has completed more than 17,000 real estate transactions totaling over $4 billion since its inception in 2006. The company also has over $5.25 billion in assets under management and ownership of upwards of 18,000 housing units, giving DLP Capital a significant presence in the real estate sector. Ultimately, DLP Capital's strategies and achievements provide a clear example of the potential within real estate funds as an alternative asset class for investors aiming to diversify their portfolios.

A New Era Of Investment Diversification

The move of the 1% into alternative assets signals a potentially significant shift in benchmark investment strategies. For investors considering this path, funds like those offered by DLP Capital represent an accessible and socially responsible entry point into the world of alternative investments. As with any investment decision, aligning with individual financial goals and risk tolerance remains paramount. These assets can bring higher potential returns and diversification, but they also require a nuanced understanding of their unique risks and rewards. Nevertheless, for those ready to embrace this new investment frontier, DLP Capital has carved out a potentially compelling opportunity.

Invest in DLP Capital’s real estate funds to add alternative assets to your portfolio.

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